Our commitment to diversity & inclusion
  • To foster, both within our own organisation and amongst our portfolio companies, a diverse and inclusive culture to support equal opportunity and treating internal and external stakeholders with respect
  • To reject discrimination, bullying, harassment or victimisation on any grounds, including age, race, ethnic or national origin, colour, mental or physical health conditions, disability, pregnancy, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status or other domestic circumstances, or religious beliefs.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Statement

At Kerogen, we consider diversity and inclusion (“D&I”) business critical, not a compliance necessity.

Women in Energy

In the oil and gas industry, women account for approximately one-fifth of the total workforce, significantly less than their share of the workforce in most other sectors.
  • Kerogen: >80% of senior management team is either female or from minority background
  • Portfolio: >60% have at least 2 board directors who are either females or from minority backgrounds
At the Kerogen 2019 Annual General Meeting, we invited women in senior technical leadership positions within Kerogen’s portfolio companies to share their perspectives and experience on the “Women in Energy” Panel.
From left to right
Oksana Karpenko Hillervik
VP of HSE & Operations,
Pandion Energy
Marilyn Merryweather
Senior Geophysical Advisor,
Zennor Petroleum
Laura Hughes
Former Projects & Operations Director,
Cuadrilla Resources

Bringing in leaders who are not part of the same homogeneous group also gives license to the wider team to each make their unique contribution
Workplace flexibility, in terms of work hours and being able to work from home, is also important to allow not only omen, but also their partner to share family obligations
Strong senior sponsorship importantly sets an appropriate tone at the top and empowers the whole organisation