Investment Strategy

Kerogen’s investment strategy reflects a number of important long-term trends in the energy industry, including:
Long term growth in energy consumption, in particular Asia
The transition of the energy sector to lower carbon sources
Development of new digital technologies that can unlock significant value in energy
Increasing role of private capital in the international energy industry
Valhall central control room

Partnership Approach

Kerogen leverages proven management teams to capture opportunities in the energy industry
Successful track record in growing companies
Unique technical and operating partnership model
Industry and sector specialist
At Kerogen, we work closely with our portfolio companies to set a clear path for success
Long-term stable capital
Provide long-term stable capital to an industry that requires a planning horizon across cycles
Flexible solutions
Flexibility of a financial investor enables customised solutions
Support to management teams
Deliver strategic, technical, operating and financial support to management teams
Foster alignment between stakeholders
Foster alignment between shareholders, management teams, partners and other stakeholders by building shared objectives and aligning incentives