28 Jun 2021

Yeager Energy acquires company ‘Warmtebedrijf Westland’

Dutch Geothermal Energy company Yeager Energy is pleased to announce that it has acquired local company ‘Warmtebedrijf Westland’.

The strategy of Yeager Energy (“Yeager”) is to develop and operate a portfolio of geothermal energy projects and (smart) district heating networks to benefit the greenhouse horticulture sector, the industry as well as the built environment (residential users). Yeager aims to provide reliable, costcompetitive sustainable heat in a safe and responsible manner. The acquisition of ‘Warmtebedrijf Westland’ means a further step in realising this strategy. 

The business model of Yeager includes operating the entire heat value chain – from ‘Source to Sales’, taking a portfolio approach, pursuing both organic and inorganic growth opportunities and working in partnerships. At Yeager Energy we recognise our responsibility for sustainable development and we therefore strive to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of all those involved in our activities, as well as the environment we operate in.

The objective of ‘Warmtebedrijf Westland’ is to deliver a bundle of products and services for the greenhouse horticulture sector including sustainable heat such as geothermal heat, CO2 gas as a feedstock for the greenhouses, irrigation water and glass-fibre data links. In addition ‘Warmtebedrijf Westland’ is seeking to expand its sustainable heat business to the built environment (residential users).

Warmtebedrijf Westland participates in the geothermal project ‘Aardwarmte Delfland’ in the town ‘De Lier’, south of The Hague, jointly with partners ‘Shell Geothermal B.V.’ and ‘A. de Bruijn en Zn. B.V.’ and ‘Harting Holland B.V.’, two large greenhouse horticultural companies. First heat production is expected in Q4 2023.

Yeager has recently received a significant investment from energy focused investment fund Kerogen Capital (“Kerogen”) to support and grow its geothermal energy and district heating business in the Netherlands and Europe.

For more information: Yeager Energy press release