12 Nov 2019

Kerogen Capital launches new ESG Policy Statement

Kerogen Capital Limited (“Kerogen”) is delighted to publish its updated Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) Policy Statement. Since Kerogen’s launch of its first ESG Policy Statement in 2014, Kerogen has continued to develop and expand its approach to ESG-related matters, both at Kerogen and with its portfolio companies.

ESG principles are a vital component of Kerogen’s commitment to doing business the right way. Kerogen believes these principles are a central commercial priority. Kerogen’s investment philosophy aims to promote positive impact in areas such as safe working conditions, social responsibility, and sustainable operations. Kerogen believes that ESG initiatives significantly reduce risk, create long-term value and are a competitive advantage.

Ivor Orchard, Co-Founder and Chairman of Kerogen, said:

“The energy industry is at a critical juncture. The world is moving to lower carbon energy sources, while at the same time a growing global population needs increasing supplies of reliable, affordable energy, particularly in developing countries. A comprehensive, socially responsible investing framework is essential to addressing the key challenges ahead.

Kerogen Capital ESG Policy Statement